5 Reasons why Shopify merchants should choose Sobooster Search and Filter

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What are the benefits of Sobooster and Filter?

Table of contents

    Table of contents


      Over the last few years, eCommerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework. In 2021, e-retail sales surpassed 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide, which is only expected to reach new heights in the coming years. Shopify is a user-friendly eCommerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard. As the business grows, it is more challenging for Shopify merchants to manage and organize to drive more sales. So this is where Sobooster Search and Filter comes in: we provide a well-designed search tool that boosts Shopify store’s revenue for any merchant.

      What are the benefits of Sobooster and Filter?

      Sobooster Search and Filter Shopify Apps bring extraordinary benefits:

      Enhance accessible user experience for customers

      A new business chapter is being written, one in which the success of commerce has become intertwined with the success of its customers. For that reason, now more than ever, today’s businesses need to re-center around their customers and nurture partnerships that lead to win-win experiences.

      In a word, it’s called customer-centricity — putting your customer at the center of your business — and it’s the key to achieving growth in an era where the provider-customer relationship is inextricable and symbiotic.

      Therefore, taking care of every step in the customer shopping journey is the priority for any Shopify merchant who wants to thrive in the eCommerce industry. Enhancing customers’ experiences while they shop is the most essential duty of merchants. And Sobooster – Search and Filter is the mighty tool that makes these impossible tasks easier than ever.

      Sobooster Search and Filter help customers find items accurately and quickly. This solution not only presents the exact products they want to find but also recommends relevant products that match their taste the most. With unique built-in machine learning technology, Sobooster Search and Filter can understand customers’ deepest wishes by empowering the search bar on Shopify’s store.

      Furthermore, Sobooster leverages the filter function, which helps shoppers easily navigate their shopping experience by customizable categories like prices, color, and so on in the blink of an eye. Shoppers are now able to find their favorite items quicker and even explore more and more products exceeding their expectations during the process. Eventually, your Shopify store quenches customers’ thirst for nonstop shopping experiences and gains loyalty. As a result, they return for more and contribute a large amount of revenue to your store thanks to Sobooster Search and Filter.

      Boost revenue significantly for merchants

      The secret to increasing sales for Shopify stores is to make your products accessible to customers in the most appealing way. Sobooster Search and Filter support merchants marketing strategic products to target customers through search and collections merchandising functions or display banners from page to page in your Shopify store. Shopper’s journey on your site is now exciting and more extended. It eventually reduces bounce rate, increases conversion, and maximizes your revenue. Satisfying customer needs help merchants gain more competitive advantage compared to direct competitors. Now your store has become top in customer’s minds whenever they want to shop.

      Merchandising rules also help merchants categorize and manage thousands of products on the Shopify store. No matter how your store capability, Sobooster Search and Filter is here to assist your inventory control competence. The more product quantity, the more powering Sobooster became.

      But what’s more, the customer’s journey doesn’t end here yet. The core value of a business is not all about driving sales more and more but understanding shopper insight to keep bringing them back for more with little effort. So how’s Sobooster making the most challenging tasks feasible? The answer is the built-in smart report function which can analyze your customer’s behaviors. These precious data contribute the deepest insight to help the merchant make the right decision in your next business strategy steps: move further in the right direction.

      Provide state-of-the-art technology for developers

      Needless to say, technical advisers are indispensable partners of any eCommerce business owner. In the fast-changing industry, advanced technology has become the key to opening successful eCommerce business retails. With leading-edge technology, Sobooster provides robust tools to solve any technical problems for developers. In addition, the professional support team from Sobooster is always on the client’s side to help out 24/7. It cuts down a lot of workload for developers, and the whole setup process becomes simpler than ever.

      Below are five reasons why Shopify merchants should choose Sobooster Search and Filter.

      1. Sobooster Search and Filter – Technology Expert

      Sobooster Search and Filter system is built with AI-related technologies, including natural language processing, text analytics, and machine learning.

      Natural Language Processing (NLP)

      Natural Language Processing includes both Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation, which helps computers to interpret and understand the way human communicates.

      Sobooster Search & Filter employs NLP to extract information from the user’s queries using algorithms. Its processing systems can analyze a massive volume of text-based data consistently and unbiasedly. In the world of the Internet, shoppers expect to enter a phrase into a search box and to instantly see suggestions relevant to their purchase intent. It’s the kind of interaction that requests data analysis at a speed and scale that can not be sustained by a human. Instead, NLP can make the workload much lighter as it keeps learning and developing insights into what customers mean and what they want. Today NLP is a must-have for online businesses to deliver an excellent search experience to their customers.

      Machine Learning

      Machine learning uses complex data analysis to improve performance and predictions without explicit programming. The technique is based on the human brain recognizing patterns in different data layers (known as neural networks). Sobooster Search & Filter Enhanced with machine learning can not only understand user queries better but also identify search ranking. It connects the keywords with customer search behavior and product data, such as click rates, conversion rates, inventory, and margins. Predictive analytics helps the system to know how the customer journey is and what can motivate them to buy.

      Text Analytics

      Text analytics is the process of analyzing the content and extracting meaningful metadata from unstructured text data for business purposes. Sobooster Search and Filter lets your users search and filter results based on the phrases returned from the analysis phase.

      2. Improve Search Function

      Sobooster Search and Filter improve customer satisfaction by serving instant search results with keyword highlighting, auto-complete, typo tolerance, and relevant suggestions.

      Smart Search

      Sobooster Search system predicts a user’s search intent, providing a drop-down list of suggestions and product matches that change as the user adds more characters to the search input. The value of autocomplete suggestions is not only speeding up the typing process but also shortening the buying time as it allows your customers to go right to the product page and check out, all with one click.


      Built with AI and machine learning technology, the engine of Sobooster becomes smarter over time and can think like a real person. It provides more accurate and meaningful search results as it aims not only to find keywords but to understand the query intent and contextual meaning. For example, if a query ‘brown jacket’ is expected to match an item with two variants black and brown, the system will find and show the relevant product image correspondent with the color’ brown.’

      Typo Tolerance

      Tolerate users’ misspelling or typographic errors by matching words close in spelling to deliver meaningful search results.

      Synonym Search

      As online users tend to input queries the way they think and expect the system to provide correct results, you can set up synonyms so that users can always identify more related terms. For example, if a user searches for ‘settee,’ you can set up proper synonyms and allow the search tool to find ‘sofa,’ ‘couch,’ and ‘fawn.’

      3. Enhance Filter Option

      With dynamic Product Filtering for the Collections & Search result pages, Sobooster helps customers go through thousands of products and match their needs and the most relevant ones.

      Customize Filter Options

      Filter products by Collections, Vendor, Product Type, Product Variants, Tag, Rating, Price, Availability, and Metafield. Optimize UX design for your site by choosing how to display the attribute filters on the front-end as a Checkbox, List, Color Swatches, Sliders, and more.

      Dynamic Product Filtering

      Easily set up different filter groups and offer the right options for various collections. When users interact with search results, available filters dynamically update to reflect the attributes of the remaining results.

      Values Merging

      Group similar instances under the principal value. You can combine ‘Electric blue,’ ‘Dark blue,’ ‘Light blue,’ ‘Navy’ in a standard global color as ‘Blue.’

      Attribute-based Breadcrumbs

      Show customers the refinement attributes they have chosen to narrow the search results. They can remove the selection by clicking on the icon.

      4. Leverage merchandising rules

      Apply merchandising rules in Sobooster Search and Filter helps merchants implement item display strategy within search queries or categories to optimize business goals.

      Smart Merchandising

      Using Pin, Boost, and Bury functionalities, you can promote higher-margin products to maximize profit or remove irrelevant items and bury out-of-stock items. By optimizing the display of products most likely to appeal to your shoppers, you can positively influence conversions. It’s an efficient way to engage your shoppers and guide them toward purchasing.

      Banners and Promotions

      Display banners and promotions associated with specific search terms and on collection pages. The banner is the effective signage to capture the shopper’s attention, promote your marketing campaigns, and increase product sales.

      Advance analysis report

      Sobooster’s Site Search Analytics Report harnesses the power of data-driven insights. The detailed analytics on ‘Top search queries,’ ‘No results found,’ and ‘Top click’ help you understand your customer’s search behavior better, so you can determine what to stock, how to name your products, or which synonyms you should add to relevant key terms.


      Now you have a clear view of what Sobooster Search and Filter is, the values we bring, and our exceptional functions as a Search and Filter Shopify app. Now it’s time to break through your sales limitation: sign up for Sobooster‘s trial account and let us help you become the pioneer of the eCommerce Industry.

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