Guide customers to desired products by prioritizing your selected items

Boost your conversion rates effortlessly with our merchandising solution that strategically promotes the right products to the right customers. With our solution, your goods will be prominently displayed at the top of search results and collection pages, streamlining the customer journey from discovery to purchase. Start optimizing your sales today.


For example, improve the search ranking of Lounge Chairs by simply changing its position ahead of other chairs. This will ensure that when customers search for "chair" Lounge Chairs appears at the top of the search results

Boost your sales by targeting specific collections or search terms for your product promotions

Tailor your collection selection to meet customer demand or current marketing strategy by choosing one or multiple collections per merchandising rule

Maximize rule customization with versatile attribute options

Make the most of your merchandising with Sobooster's advanced merchandising rules. Utilize customer tags, location, price range, product type, vendor, inventory status, tags, and publish or added date to create a customized shopping experience for your customers

Optimize Product Display in Search Results

Rank by Keyword matching

Easily Prioritize Products in Search Results with Keyword Matching. For instance, if you prefer Red Dress to appear before Blue Dress when customers search for "Dress", simply adjust the ranking accordingly

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