Optimize user experience by analyzing visitor behavior

Gain valuable insights into your customers' shopping behaviors with our analytics dashboard. Our data-driven reports provide in-depth information on important site search analytics and collection filter activities, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and preferences

Anticipate your customers' needs by tracking their store journey

You will know:

What are the top-ranking queries?

Gain insight into popular search terms to understand demand for your products, and identify opportunities for additional promotion.

Are our suggestions proving helpful?

Maximize the relevance of your search suggestions by fine-tuning your Suggestion Dictionary. With 1 in 4 shoppers relying on suggestions, it's crucial to ensure that what you offer aligns with their needs.

What are customers selecting?

Don't just focus on what customers search for, but also what they click on. Optimize your results and category/collection pages by prioritizing the most-clicked products.

Which products are ultimately purchased through search and product filtering?

If a product is frequently searched and clicked on, but not purchased, it could be a sign that your product page needs improvement. Ensure a smooth journey to checkout for your shoppers by polishing your product page.

Want to make your product catalog even more enticing?

Minimize customer frustration and improve their experience by tracking and reducing the number of "no results" queries. Stock up on missing items in your catalog or configure synonyms to align with shoppers' intentions. With 1 in 3 queries resulting in no matches, it's essential to take action to keep customers coming back.

Which of your customers' needs are going unmet?

Boost your sales by analyzing the list of top search terms with no results. Determine how often your customers are searching for items that are not available and use this information to optimize your search settings. By providing a seamless shopping experience, you can enhance customer satisfaction and convert more sales in the future.

What is the customer response to the search results?

Analyze the number of clicks on your search result filter values to gauge customer interest in your products and identify popular items.