Sobooster VS Custom-built In-house Development

Thousands of Shopify stores have installed and used Sobooster Product Filter & Search to overcome big limitations of default Shopify filter and site search, get best-in-class customer support, and boost sales.

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Launched in 2020, Sobooster Smart Filter & Search has more 5-star reviews than Shopify Default, with 8000+ users and 432 reviews.
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Why Choose Sobooster?

There are several reasons why a merchant might choose Sobooster Product Filter & Search app over in-house development:

Sobooster Product Filter & Search In-house development
SEO, Crawlability & Mobile friendly
Both are SEO and mobile friendly. You can use Google Console Tool to check
Yes Depend on the developer's skill
Performance Fast and highly optimized Depend on the developer's skill
Time and cost Fast Time-consuming and costly process
More buggy
Functionality Highly specialized and effective
More advanced features
Less features
Support Dedicated customer support and technical assistance Costly support
Integration Integrate seamlessly with other apps Cost more to integrate with additional apps
Updates and maintenance Regularly updated and maintained by our experts Cost more to maintain

Sobooster’s best features

Smart search suggestion
Auto suggestion
Advanced filter system
Highly customizable filter tools
Merchandising rule

Empower your e-commerce store with the smart search feature, delivering rapid and precise results that simplify shopping, delight customers, and save valuable time.

Increase sales and delight customers with our auto suggestion feature, providing personalized product recommendations for an exceptional shopping experience.

Discover exactly what you're looking for with our advanced collection filter feature, saving you time and effort by narrowing down your search results to the perfect product, tailored to your unique preferences.

Supercharge your shopping experience with our highly customizable product filter feature, empowering you to effortlessly pinpoint and refine your ideal products, tailored to your individual preferences.

Drive sales and elevate brand visibility through visually captivating displays and strategic product placement, enhancing the shopping experience for customers on your ecommerce store.

product filter
highly customizable filter
Loyalty & Referrals
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Sobooster’s Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your store’s search behavior and make data-driven decisions to improve your store’s performance

Fully Integrated With 40+ Third Party Apps

Sobooster Product Filter & Search works well with popular Shopify apps to help you with reviews, currency conversion, translations, and more.

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