Drive exploration
of your ecommerce site with our search feature

Maximize shoppers' discovery with predictive autocomplete, fueled by cutting-edge ecommerce AI. Instantly reveal dynamic product and content results that continuously update while customers type.

Natural Language Processing

Enhance your search experience with real-time results

Find exactly what you're looking for with Sobooster. Our advanced search technology makes it easy for shoppers to find the perfect product. Simply type in your search terms and watch as the results dynamically update to show you the most relevant options. No more searching like a computer programmer - with Sobooster, shopping is a breeze.

Autosuggest Search Overlay

Enhance search suggestions with rich content

Personalize your search suggestions with ease! Our platform offers faceted navigation, product images, promotions, rich content, and more. Customize your search overlay effortlessly through our user-friendly interface or build a fully-custom experience using our API.

Configurable Autocomplete

Simplified easy-to-use layout templates or complete creative freedom

Easily create search-as-you-type experiences with Sobooster's pre-built layouts. Choose from facets, imagery, product attributes, and more to customize your search results quickly and effortlessly.