Sobooster Product Filter & Search VS BigCommerce native Filter system

BigCommerce merchants have found a game-changer in Sobooster Product Filter & Search. Our robust solution tackles the inherent limitations of the default BigCommerce filter, which is only available in their Pro package. By leveraging Sobooster, businesses enjoy top-tier customer support while boosting sales to new heights.

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Launched in 2020, Sobooster Smart Filter & Search has 4.5 rating star


Why Choose Sobooster?

Sobooster Product Filter & Search Shopify Search & Discovery
SEO, Crawlability & Mobile friendly
Both are SEO and mobile friendly. You can use Google Console Tool to check
BigCommerce package Any package Pro package minimum
Number of filters Unlimited 12
Out of the box filters 20 6
Display type 6
Checkbox, Slider, Swatch, Block, List, Range
Checkbox, Block, Price Range
Custom filter development
Filter refine bar
Hide 0 value during filtering
Scroll to the top of products on click
Advanced merchandising: merch rules & pinning
Use Any Attributes Like % Sale, Ratings, Categories For Shopify Filtering
Hand-pick Product Tags To Make Multi-level Product Filters
Create Dedicated Filter Trees That Match The Product Data In Each Collection
Reorder Option Values To Promote Popular Vendor, Categories, etc
Optimize Filter UI/UX With Merge Values, Swatch Settings, Custom Sort By Options, etc
Shopify Filter By Price Works Seamlessly On Multi-currency Stores
Various design like list, box, swatch, range slider
Extend Limit for Filter Options
Each collection has a different filter tree
Show correct variant swatches and information Advanced Basic
Filter layouts Horizontal & Vertical Sticked to theme's layout.
Hard to change
Add tooltips, search box, rearrange values within a filter, etc.
Show filters on search pages with more than 1000 results
Merge value, create Custom Range Sildes, upload Image swatch
Create “Sort By" from product attributes like Product Options, % Sale, Tags, etc.
Analytics For Filter Usage
Customizable Instant Search Display Layout
Instant suggestions on a dropdown widget for search terms, products, collections, pages, etc.
Show recent searches, product suggestions when shoppers just land on the search bar.
Show correct variant when searching
Add a search box within the collection
Customize ‘No Search Results’ Pages & Dropdown
Customize Page, Blog Display On Results
Synonyms, Stop words, Search Redirect Only synonyms
Fuzzy search, typo tolerance, ‘Did you mean ...?’, prioritize product attributes for search indexing, etc.
Search Merchandising On Keyword Suggestions
Search Merchandising On Results
Auto suggestion and typo tolerant
Analytics For Search Usage Include app impact metrics Basic
Pricing Based on plan. 14-day free trial Free

Sobooster’s best features

Smart search suggestion
Auto suggestion
Advanced filter system
Highly customizable filter tools
Merchandising rule

Transform your e-commerce store with the smart search feature, delivering rapid and accurate results that simplify shopping and create exceptional customer experiences.

Increase customer satisfaction, drive higher conversions, and improve sales by seamlessly suggesting relevant products through our advanced autosuggestion feature, ensuring a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

Refine product searches effortlessly, find exactly what you're looking for with ease, and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Unleash the potential of your shopping experience with a highly customizable filter feature, enabling effortless navigation and personalized product discovery.

Optimize product discovery and navigation, making it easier for shoppers to find what they're looking for.

product filter
highly customizable filter
Loyalty & Referrals
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Sobooster’s Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your store’s search behavior and make data-driven decisions to improve your store’s performance

Fully Integrated With 40+ Third Party Apps

Sobooster Product Filter & Search works well with popular Shopify apps to help you with reviews, currency conversion, translations, and more.

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