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How to set up Ultimate Filter & Search in your store?

Our app will detect all the themes in your store and let you select theme to implement the search and product filter features. We recommend you to duplicate your theme before adding the widget to your live one. This gives you a chance to test how the widget works without affecting your live store.

Please follow these steps to duplicate your live theme

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. For the theme that you want to duplicate, click Actions > Duplicate.
  3. The duplicate theme appears on the Themes page. It is named Copy Of + the name of the theme that you duplicated. You can click on Actions > Rename the theme

Follow our instruction to set up the app in your theme.

How to hide vendor on Collection page?

You can hide vendor in our app Settings (Icon at the bottom of app admin sidebar/ Advanced/ Search results settings.

See our documentation for more details: Show/ Hide vendor on Collection page

How to uninstall the app and remove app codes?

We always recommend merchants to duplicate the original theme for back-up. Our app only works on the theme you set up and doesn't affect other themes in your store. You can always re-publish the theme without our app code.

If you want to remove our app code from a theme, pleaes follow this instruction.

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