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Advanced Shopify product filter & site search system helps users find what they’re looking for faster, leading to more engagement and sales.

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Upgrade your Shopify customer experience

Have you ever felt frustrated with unfiltered or irrelevant search results? If yes – imagine how your customers feel. Shopify’s default search lags behind for search result loading speed and fine-tuning capability, which results in losing customers. It’s time to upgrade your Shopify site’s user experience with Ultimate Filter & Search, a sophisticated, smart and powerful search and filter app.



Ultimate Search predicts customers’ trail of thought to provide them insightful and intuitive product suggestions. Advanced features, including Auto Suggestion, Auto-Complete, and Instant Search functionalities help users save time and keystrokes, avoid spelling mistakes, and even discover new product ideas they might haven’t thought.

Typo Tolerance

Ultimate Search automatically corrects for common spelling errors, and returns with relevant search results for every query customers make.


Create equivalences between different search terms. If users search for “couch,” you can set up proper synonyms and allow the search tool to find “sofa.” It will help you avoid “no results found” and miss out on a sale.


Filtered navigation uses multiple options

You can set specific product attributes as visible criteria when customers refine their search results and category listings. Shoppers are presented with a smart, logical filter interface that makes it easier for them to get to the desired products.

Filters by any criteria

Сustomers can filter products by any criteria — Collection, Product type, Vendor, Price, Tags, Variant, Percent sale, In Stock, Rating. Filter by product metafield and product variant metafield.

Advanced Custom Fields

Ultimate Search includes many filter types, including list, box, checkbox, range slider, color swatch.

Smart Merchandising

Using pin, boost and bury functionalities, you can promote higher-margin products to maximize your profit or remove irrelevant items and bury out of stock items. By By optimizing the display of products most likely to appeal to your shoppers, you can positively influence conversions.

Banners and Promotions

Display banners and promotions associated with specific search terms and on collection pages. The banner is the effective signage to capture the shopper's attention, promote your marketing campaigns, and increase product sales.

Optimized for any device

We’ve optimized for any device to make sure your customers get the best experience, no matter whether they are browsing and shopping on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Easy to use

No Programming & Coding Skills required. The intuitive and smart interface makes creating, editing, and deleting filters a breeze.

Lightning fast

Ultimate Search is Ajax-based, so searching & filtering happens quickly without page reloading. The plugin also uses an index table to make searching infinitely faster.


Our app is compatible with almost all Shopify Free, Premium & External themes. All HTML code and CSS styles match with the supported themes


Integration with Shopify Translation API for multiple languages.

Real-time indexing

We synchronize your store products in real-time! You can make changes, add new items, and your modifying will be available in your storefront almost immediately after being indexed.

Top-notch support

We care about your success. Should you need any help, our friendly support team will be on the case. We are always by your side to help you fix your issues and achieve your goals.

Pricing that suits your budget

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If you have more than 300,000 products please contact us at for any large plans information or support inquiries.
If you have more than 300,000 products please contact us at for any large plans information or support inquiries.
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