How To Collect Customer Feedback and Insight on a Shopify store

Customer feedback refers to the information that comes directly from the consumer about likes, satisfactions, and dissatisfactions of a product or services, it's more or less getting into the minds of your customers and seeing things from the user's perspectives.


In the e-commerce space understanding the thoughts that drive customer decisions, is referred to as the holy grail of what store owners what to understand in-other to optimize their store for sales.


Why is customer feedback and insight important?

It's not enough to build your Shopify store with a good-looking product, get creative product descriptions, and run ad campaigns, you need to measure customer insight to see how well your store is doing.

Rather than resort to a brand new product and store development, get customer feedback and insight to see ways to optimize your store, improve UX, and ultimately increase conversions.


Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of Global Marketing, explains it like this:

“Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers. Why? Because demographics rarely tell the whole story. Understanding consumer intent is much more powerful.


They are several ways to collect customer feedback and insight from your Shopify store, lets take a closer look at some of them.


Feedback Emoji

Reaction buttons are re-inventing the way store owners get customer insight and feedback. People love sharing how they feel about a product or service but don't like wasting time. With reaction buttons provided by Shopify app emojics , shoppers do not have to fill out a questionnaire or take a survey, they can easily click an emoji that best describes how they feel about a product or experience.


It is an easy yet effective technique to get customer insight into your products and optimize your store for sales.


With emojics you can track and analyze the number of clicks in real-time and see what products are getting more likes, which is especially important during a running ad campaign.


The really cool thing about inbound reaction feedback is that it has a high response rate, people are familiar with emojis and enjoy using them.



Live Chat

More than just a support tool, live chat is a great and effective way to collect customer insight.

A great way to use this tool to collect feedback is using a pre-chat survey, live chat can be used to guide your customers through all the stages of the buying cycle meaning you can get customer insight and feedback even before they make a purchase.


Using Shopify live chat apps like tidio you can easily set up pre-chat surveys for your products and see things from the user's perspective.


Always remember to keep the questions short and straightforward.

With live chat, customers don't have to go to your competitors when they face an issue.




Internal site search analytics

Site search data is a unique way to get customer insight and understand their needs and likes.

Many Shopify stores integrate site search, but only a few realize how much insight can be drawn from search data.


Ultimate product search+filter allows you to harness the site search analytics of your store and increase your conversion rate.


 This Shopify app provides you with in-depth analytics on 'Most searched queries', 'Top Click', 'No result found', these data-driven insights help you to better understand customer search behavior and make optimized decisions like what to stock, product name, words and synonyms to add to relevant keywords.



Exit Intent Popups

Not only do exit-intent popups allow you to promote special offers and grow your email list, but you also get to collect feedback and customer insight on your store.

While there may be controversy about using exit-intent popups since google doesn't like popups, popups aren't dead.


It is important to find out why a shopper leaves your store without buying, exit intent pops up just after detecting from cursor movement when a shopper is about to bounce.


Most shoppers may not want to go through the pain of telling you why they aren't buying or take a survey, hence it is advised to offer a free gift to encourage feedback.


With the right questions, you can get customer feedback and optimize your store using apps like exit-intent popups by optimonk.




Emails may be considered an old way of collecting feedback but the truth is it's still as effective. In fact, there's almost nothing better.


Using your customer's email list, you can conduct a survey to see how well they liked a product, all you have to do is create an email feedback campaign.

With Shopify apps like klaviyo, you can create targeted email campaigns and track clicks and responses.


Since feedback emails are usually for longer surveys it's best to encourage respondents with discount coupons and free gifts for the time spent.






The fact is the more you take cues from your customers and understand their behavior the better your chances of delivering a more personalized experience in your store.


It is not enough to get feedback and customer insight as that is only the beginning, with your customer preferences in mind make data-driven decisions to optimize your store and ultimately increase your store's conversion rate.

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