8 Top Shopify Analytics Tools To Increase Sales and Conversion rate in 2021

Agreeable google analytics is a great analytics tool, so why worry about other Shopify analytics apps. The fact is most merchants just integrate google analytics because they feel they ought to even without knowing how to use it, more so, getting the most of google analytics data requires experience which takes time, special training may be needed and interest cultivated. Shopify understands that not everyone is a data-specialist or guru and realizes that most store owners would rather spend their time on their business than worrying about data analytics hence they provide very easy-to-use apps that anyone and everyone can use. With these apps, you can better understand your customer intent, get insight on roadblocks to customer purchase, see things from your customer's perspective and ultimately help you optimize your store to increase your conversion rate and revenue. Let's take a look at some of these apps.

Revtap allows you to get a comprehensive view of your store's data, the app assesses the purchasing behavior and intent of the consumers and with that information, it helps you develop a better-optimized marketing section tailored to that customer section

Revtap identifies low converting pages on your Shopify store and can determine where shoppers mostly drop-off.

It can be easily integrated with other your data resources like Facebook and MailChimp with just one click.


With ShopIQ you don't have to wait endlessly to get insight into your customer's behavior and events, this Shopify analytical tool provides you with real-time predictive analytics, you get to keep track of every activity of your store in real-time and make optimized decisions based on the insights. A key feature is the ability to understand customer trends and predict lifetime customers. Evaluations are made not just with conversions but take insight from session counts and product views.

Collection Filter & Search Bar

Many Shopify stores integrate site search, but only a few realize how much insight can be drawn from search data.

Ultimate product search+filter allows you to harness the site search analytics of your store and increase your conversion rate.

Developed with machine learning technology and artificial intelligence, (in simple terms the engine gets smarter with time) this tool provides you with in-depth analytics on 'Most searched queries', 'Top Click', 'No result found', these data-driven insights help you to better understand customer search behavior and make optimized decisions like what to stock, product name, words and synonyms to add to relevant keywords.

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Sensai Metrics

Sensai metrics is a seamless analytical tool. They have more than seven years of experience in data science.

With Sensai Metrics, you can eliminate the uncertainties of your Shopify business and find out what works. They use a machine-learning algorithm to provide custom insights on your customers and develop funnels, helping you to make data-driven decisions to boost your marketing efforts.

It can be integrated with Mailchimp, google Adwords, Facebook, woo-commerce, magneto and klaviyo.

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